Hello from 2017!

I cannot believe that I was able to log into my blog after entering my password only twice. It has been about 4 years since I’ve updated this blog and I am amazed that I was not locked out of my account. Often times I forget my facebook or email password even after using it hours before logging in again! Either way, I am back and my purpose today is to serve not only today, but tomorrow, and each day forward.

A good friend of mine sent me this motivational speech yesterday and said “Listen to this when you get a chance. I hope it helps even a little bit”. It’s crazy how a good friend knows you well enough to know that a 10 minute motivational speech can set off a spark, and maybe even light a fire in your soul.

It’s just words right? No. LISTEN.

“We have control of our minute, our hour, our day, our week, our month, and our year.”

Now you have my full attention.

I think back to a time of simplicity. That innocence and wonder where it went. I think to myself, “What has changed? Has the world changed? Have I changed? Is this what being an adult feels like? Is this how my life is supposed to be?” I realized something here. The answer? If this is NOT how you want to live your life, you do NOT have to live your life this way and no one, not one single person, is in control of that, but you.

Common sense, right? Same bullshit every motivational speaker or here’s-how-I-got-rich jerk says? “Follow your dreams!”, “Never give up!”  blah blah blah. Okay, that sounds all fine and dandy but I have BILLS TO PAY and I have to go to the gym and do laundry and feed the kids (this does not apply to me but I hear you!), and I work late and and and STOP. Take a step back. WE ALL HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF HOURS IN ONE DAY. Oprah has 24 hours a day. A homeless man on the streets has 24 hours a day. A nurse, a teacher, a lawyer, an assistant, someone who is collecting unemployment has 24 HOURS A DAY!

Excuses are your Enemy. Reasons make your reel. Take those reasons, cast that shit into the world, and catch something SPECIAL (my boyfriend would be so proud of my fishing reference)!

The world today is scary. It’s violent, judgmental, cruel, and it’s scary. Period. We are all afraid of what we don’t know but why aren’t we taking what we do know, expanding that knowledge and throwing ourselves out there? The only thing we have to lose is time. And time is the most precious thing in the world because in reality, we don’t know how much we have.

Going back in time, to the 4 years I created this blog, I see beauty. I see freedom, I feel the laughter, the love, the genuine, feel-goods. It’s inside of me and it is waiting to reunite with my 30 year old self.

Today is the day a new journey begins. Thank you, friend, for reminding me that life really is what we make it. And a pat on the back to me for remembering how true that really is.

Thanks for joining me on my second adventure.

May this one be just as special and everlasting as the last.



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