Who’s Got My Tongue?

I’ve logged on a few times over the past week or so. I typed a few words and backspace, backspace, backspace, delete. I can’t focus. So many thoughts going through this crazy head of mine! Let’s give this one a shot.

Hi! Wilmington is incredible. The people here are so friendly and so pleasant. People actually walk around smiling. It kind of reminds me of this guy…

Anyway, it’s true what they say about the people down south (yes, us New Englanders like to generalize people), they are MUCH happier. I wonder why that is? Is it the sunshine? The climate? The slower pace? Wait. Maybe it’s the gas prices? I’ll go with e.) all of the above.

I am nestled in a one bedroom apartment that overlooks Cape Fear River. I could easily sit on my patio and watch people stroll up and down the riverwalk all day. There are tourists everywhere and they’re happy too! They must be from down south. Every single wall in this apartment is painted bright yellow. It’s happy and I absolutely love it.

The apartment has everything I need and downtown has everything I could ever want. Coffee shops, music stores, live music, old book stores, restaurants, boutiques, gift shops, and last but not least? Kilwin’s Ice Cream. My goodness.

I’ve explored Southport, Fort Fisher, Airlie Gardens, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, and all over downtown. Each destination has something special.

Southport is a quaint town where one of my favorite movies (and books), Safe Haven, was filmed. Yes, I’m a nerd but a proud one at that! I wandered through many spots where the filming took place and was in absolute awe. It was such a cool experience to see it all in person. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.


Fort Fisher has some of the most fascinating trees I have ever seen. They almost look as if they froze in the midst of storm.



Wrightsville Beach was a pleasant surprise! The water was absolutely beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I was not expecting a dirty beach but I certainly wasn’t expecting this! With it’s shades of green and soft sand, I was in heaven.



I have a feeling I would have been able to appreciate Airlie Gardens much more if it wasn’t a million degrees out. The landscape is absolutely stunning and the live oak trees over 400 years old are breathtaking (but not as breathtaking as 95 degree weather).



Visiting these places on my own was a bit strange at first. Even when I walked into a restaurant and they asked “how many?”, I’d respond with “just one”. Ahhh I’ll admit, the first couple of times felt rather lonely. Sitting alone and watching other people laugh with each other or simply spend time with each other was a difficult thing for me to do. Especially knowing I’d be on my own for longer than a meal or two.

This all changed when I became aware and learned to appreciate my surroundings. The world is not perfect and people invest so much energy focusing on it’s imperfections. In society, we are basically told to do so. Have you watched the news lately? Anything good on there? Not really. We are basically programmed to believe that the world we live in today is a disgrace. Yes, I’ll admit, there are some crazy people out there but  my overall view has changed. Once I stopped to really pay attention and appreciate my surroundings, I was able to see that the world has better things to offer than what we see on the news. I have fully learned to appreciate the world around me and I learned to appreciate it in the company of myself.



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1 Response to Who’s Got My Tongue?

  1. Anna what a fantastic piece I went with you on your journey around that beautiful part of the world. I felt your solitude, because I have been there too and sat in restaurants on my own. What I discovered was I would rather be happy on my own than with the wrong person. I do not watch the news because my child gets upset with the violence. I love your take on small gratitude and look forward to reading more. Awesome photo’s by the way. Thanks for stopping by my place today.

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