Wherever You Are, Be There.

Being in “the moment” or practicing being “present” is really difficult to do.

It took me a IMG_1820long time to train my brain to stay here and now and still, it’s not permanent. Nothing is! When life hands you lemons, it’s hard to ignore the sour taste. Practicing being present doesn’t mean you are not allowed to reflect. I’ve realized that IT’S OKAY TO REFLECT but it is not okay to dwell. These are two very different concepts.

Definition of Dwell: to live or continue in a given condition or state

Definition of Reflect: to think, ponder, or meditate

Reflecting sounds much more pleasant doesn’t it? A wise man once told me “we were born with eyes in the front of our heads simply so we could look forward and not back”.

That’s a damn. good. point.



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